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Welcome to the official a site for helpful .bat files and other things, go to the download corner to download yours!

IMPORTANT: Helpfulbatchfiles was now given to software engineer/pentester zenforic, Helpfulbatchfiles and zenforic's Software are now the same thing, anything here is zenforic's. his sites: site1, site2

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Helpfulbatchfiles Download manager 4.2 has been released! head over to the Quick Downloads page to get your copy, or if you already have it, simply click the check for updates button at the top of the application's window!

PRO HDD SCANNER v1.6 ultimate is out (not open-source but still free!) this one has the better computer cx2 only available in PHS16 get it here 

helpfulbatchfiles WB Web Source Grabber is out now! this new program has a nice looking UI and it gets the specified webpage's HTML source (note: for website theft safety reasons, the websites resources (pictures, etc.) are not downloaded, just the HTML coding.)

Tyrant PK Process Manager is out now! it is a new program where you can manage your processes with the work of VB and Batch together!!! click here to get it!!!

The Xtron Matrix modified version and the helpfulbatchfiles file counter are here! click here to see them! (helpfulbatchfiles file counter also requires owner's verification form to be filled out).

If you're in a rush, go to the Quick Download page to quickly get the download (you must be a member first)..

Test out new versions, or pre-release software here!

If you want the serial number/key/code for PRO HDD SCANNER v1.4, click here.

 If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me


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